About Us

SVREMP is a collaborative effort by member summer villages to meet the legislative requirements for the planning and delivery of unified emergency management activities for our members and stakeholders. The partnership was formally authorized in 2017, under ministerial order (insert the number – Jan or Marlene please), and has been dedicated to promoting effective emergency management practices in coordination with the overarching provincial mandate and side by side with our regional partners.

SVREMP operates under a bicameral organizational structure. One elected representative from each member summer village is appointed to the Advisory Committee. Each municipality also assigns a Director of Emergency Management (DEM) and Deputy Director of Emergency Management (DDEM) for their community – known collectively as the management committee and the DEMs make function as the administrative planning and execution branch of the organization. Recommendations from the management committee are reviewed by the advisory Committee for approval, and direction from the Advisory Committee is channelled through the management committee for execution.

The Advisory Committee elects a Chair and Vice Chair, and the Management Committee designates a Regional DEM and Deputy Regional DEM(s) – each serving as an executive leadership within their respective committees.


The Mission of SVREMP is to ensure our member communities are equipped with the training, resources and organizational framework that promotes timely, efficient and effective proactive and reactive emergency response teams to serve our municipalities and our greater region, in compliance with the applicable legislative requirements in the Province of Alberta.

The Vision of SVREMP is to have an organization that combines the local knowledge of our members with the standardized theory behind effective incident command so that our team can mitigate against, plan for, prevent, respond to and recover from incidents with a full compliment of trained responders, regardless of the size of the incident, the area impacted or the time it takes to complete the response cycle.

Specific Goals for SVREMP Include:

Development, and annual review, of community specific emergency response plans

Development and maintain resource indexes and partnerships with stakeholders and business communities who may be called on in times of emergency response.

Ensure all DEMS, DDEMS and associate Council and Administrations complete htheir required training – including at least 2 ICS-300 Level trained officers for each Officer position in the standard ICS Command Structure.

Complete at least one annual tabletop exercise and one joint exercise with a regional partner

Engage our communities on how they fit into the emergency management process – promote mitigation, instill confidence in response plans, and share information on how to navigate disaster recovery at the micro level.

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